Most Amazing bible facts everyone should know about- hidden Statistics

Updated On: 5-Feb-2023

Today we will tell you some interesting facts about the Bible. The Bible is the cornerstone of Christianity and the most sacred scripture of Christians. It has two parts: Old Testament and New Testament. The first half of the Bible is also the scripture of the Jews, and the latter is based on Jesus Christ and his teachings.

The Bible is inspired by God, but God has inspired various authors of the Bible in such a way that even though they are God-inspired, they can also be called their own creations. God didn't make them write the Bible by speaking. He certainly got inclined to write with the inspiration of God, but he wrote it according to the characteristics of his culture, style and ideology.

The Bible is the combined result of both divine inspiration and human labor. So let us now know some interesting and special facts related to the Bible.

Amazing Bible Facts and Statistics

Checkout the top 50+ hidden bible facts and Statistics which everyone should know about in life.

  • The entire Bible has been translated into a total of 532 languages ​​and partially this book has been translated into a total of 2883 languages.
  • The Bible was not composed by one person, it was written by many writers together, such as farmers, kings, priests, fishermen, shepherds, poets, scribes, and apart from all these writers, adulterers, embezzlers Wolves, killers and compilers were also involved.
  • Most stolen book in the world is The Bible, because it is usually available in hotel rooms and also at public places.
  • Most copies of the Bible are made in China.
  • The world's largest Bible was created by Louis Wayni. It weighs 1094 pounds. It is 43.5 inches long and has a width of 98 inches.
  • By the way, the Bible is read in almost every corner of the world. But more people believe it in Europe, Africa and Asian countries.
  • It took about 1000 years to write the Old Testament of the Bible. Whereas its new rules were written in about 50 years to 75 years.
  • If a Bible is recovered from someone in North Korea, he can be sentenced to death.
  • The word Bible is from the Greek Ta Bibilia. It means "books" or "scrolls". No original writing of the Bible text emerges.
  • There is no description of the physical appearance and appearance of Jesus Christ in the Bible.
  • The Bible is the most important book of Christianity. This book was written after Jesus Christ by his disciples.
  • The Dominican Republic is the only country with a Bible in its flag.
  • The Bible forbids swearing on the Bible. For this reason, in Indian courts, a Christian is not administered the oath of the Bible before testifying.
  • The biography of Jesus Christ, his teachings and the works done by his disciples are written in the Bible. It also describes many myths.
  • The name of the Jewish Bible i.e. the Jewish scripture is "Tanakh". It is said that the first part of the Christian Bible (Old Testament) is a version of the Tanakh.
  • The first Bible to be produced from a movable metal was "The Gutenberg Bible".
  • In 17th century Europe, dinosaur skeletons were believed to be the remains of the same monsters described in the Bible.
  • According to the Bible, the whole earth and all the creatures living on it were created by God 6 thousand years ago.
  • The longest book in the Bible is Psalm 119, and the shortest is Psalm 117 (it has only two verses).
  • The last word of the Bible is "Amen". Its Hindi translation is "Amen".
  • John 11:35 is The shortest verse in the Bible, which just reads "Jesus wept".
  • According to a story in the Bible, God sent 2 bears to kill 42 children just because they were making fun of a man for being bald.
  • According to Islam, the Bible is a misleading book and the Quran corrects its errors.
  • "The Bay Psalm Book" is the most expensive book in the world. This is the first printed book in America. It was sold for $14 million dollars. The book contains translations of biblical sources and is based on the Old Testament of the Bible. The credit for attempting to translate this book goes to Puritan.
  • Adam's name is derived from the Hebrew word "ada ma" which means ground.
  • Although there is no description of Jesus in the Bible, the generally accepted image of Jesus with blue eyes, fair complexion and light hair appears to be inspired by European Christian culture.
  • The world's smallest Bible is known as "Nano Bible". It is so small that it can even fit on the tip of a pen. Scientists have created 1.2 million letters of the Old Testament (Bible) on a microscopic silicon disc.
  • It is not mentioned in the Bible how many Wise Men went to Christ. The text only states that he took frankincense, gold, and myrrh.
  • The King James Bible (1611), regarded for its literary beauty and accuracy, was produced (translated) by a total of 54 scholars and was assisted by Shakespeare.
  • According to one creationist, God killed 25 million people in the Bible. Satan killed 60 people, out of which God himself gave permission to kill 10 people as part of a condition.
  • William Tyndale produced the first copy of the New Testament Bible in the English language, later being burned alive for his efforts.
  • Old Testament writings in the Bible contain mythology related to Judaism and the Jewish people. Its original languages ​​are Aramaic and Hebrew.
  • "The Geneva Bible" is the first Bible in the world to use numbered verses. This Bible was used by Shakespeare and the Pilgrims brought this Bible to America in the year 1620.
  • The writing of the New Testament in the Bible was done by the disciples of Jesus. In which Jesus (Jesus) biography, his preaching and work are described. Its original language is Aramaic and then the ancient Greek language has been used.
  • According to one survey, women read the Bible more than men. Older people read more Bible texts than younger people, and African Americans read more Bible texts than people in other parts of the world.
  • The name of the first official Bible work printed in English was "The Great Bible". This work was published in 1539. King Henry VIII of England declared that it should be read aloud in the Church of England during church services.
  • The first English Bible printed in America is known as the "Robert Aitken Bible". This was "The King James Version" without the Apocrypha.
  • More than 100 million Bible religious works are sold every year. This book is also the best selling book in human history. About 5 billion Bible copies have been sold so far.
  • Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans consider the Bible to be inspired by God.
  • Christ is derived from the Greek word Christos. It is a ritual cleansing.
  • Jesus (Christ) did not grow up alone. He had four brothers. Whose name appears in the Christian scriptures? He had two sisters in addition to this. Whose name has never been mentioned in history. Esther 8:9 is the Bible's longest verse. Mahershalalhashbaz is the longest word in this scripture (Isaiah 8:3).
  • Almost all of the Bible's villains have red hair.