10 Strange nidhivan in vrindavan mystery raslila of radha krishna seen

Updated On: 10-Jun-2023

Why Nidhivan is still a matter of surprise, know 10 secrets

Nidhivan Mystery (Nidhivan ka rahasya)

There is a place named Nidhivan in Vrindavan where there is an ancient temple of Shri Krishna. There are many legends about this temple and forest. It is said that Shri Krishna comes here everyday and after performing Rasleela at night, sleeps here and leaves in the morning. Come let's know the secret of these amazing things.

Mystery of Nidhivan in vrindavan

1. No one goes here at night. It is said that whoever stays here at night and tries to know this secret, he finds himself unconscious and blissful in the morning. He dies in a matter of two or three days.

2. It is said that the doors of this temple open and close automatically but no one has seen this. However, people do tell their experiences in this regard. According to belief, this temple was created by Tansen's Guru Saint Haridas through his bhajans in which the pair form of Radha-Krishna was revealed. Here Krishna and Radha used to come to Vihar. Swamiji's tomb is also built here.

3. This temple closes after evening and it is also said that if someone secretly watches Rasleela here, he becomes mad the next day. Nobody stays here at night. According to the local people, this has been happening for years. Some people consider it a superstition and some consider it a miracle of Shri Krishna. However, what is the truth is a matter of research.

4. It is also believed that Lord Krishna himself comes to sleep in this temple every night. For their sleep, the priests of the temple put a bed every day and on which a clean mattress and a sheet are spread on top of the bed. Along with betel leaves, laddoos and toothpicks, they keep the items of makeup. But it is said that when the temple opens, everyone is surprised to see the condition of that bed, because looking at it it seems that someone had slept here.

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5. The most surprising thing is that Makhan Mishri Prasad is offered here everyday and whatever remains is kept in the temple itself, but by morning that Prasad also gets finished. After all, who would have eaten that Prasad?

6. It is a popular belief that Krishna-Radha's bed is placed in the Rangmahal located inside the temple every day and the entire Rangmahal is decorated and the doors of the temple are closed by keeping Radhaji's makeup. When the doors open in the morning, everything is found in disarray. It is believed that Radha-Krishna comes in the night and uses this stuff.

7. It is said that here two plants of Tulsi are planted together. When Radha and Krishna starts the Raas leela at night, these Tulsi plants transforms to gopis and dance with them. No one takes even a single leaf of this Tulsi from here. Whoever did this work secretly becomes the victim of a huge disaster.

8. The trees growing in the premises of this temple are also strange. The branches of the trees here grow downwards. It is also a legend that at night all these trees become gopis and dance with Shriradha and Krishna and become trees again in the morning. All these trees are considered as Gopis.

9. In Raas Panchadhyayi in Dasam Skanda of Shrimad Bhagwat, Lord Krishna has told about Maharas with Gopikas in Yamuna Pulin on Sharad Purnima. Even today, on Sharad Poonam, there is a special Rasleela in Nidhivan, but no one can see it, only feel it. It is said that the hugging trees of Nidhivan are actually the Raas of Gopikrishna who become trees in the morning and start performing Raas in the silence of the night.

10. Most of the houses around here do not have windows and those who have, close the windows after the evening aarti fearing that no one should look in the direction of the temple, otherwise the person would go blind.