20 Mind-blowing spiritual benefits of meditation that you need to know

Updated On: 25-Jan-2023

The basic meaning of meditation is awareness, consciousness, witnessing and seeing. Spiritual meditation should happen automatically.

What is Japa Meditation ?

Innumerable imaginations and thoughts go on in our mind simultaneously. Due to this, there is uproar in the mind and brain. We don't want to, yet it goes on. You are reducing and weakening yourself by thinking continuously. Meditation is removing unnecessary imagination and thoughts from the mind and going into pure and serene silence.Japa meditation is meditating with a mantra.

Note: Mantra Japa should be taken seriously as this involves immense energy. So a guru is needed in this process to have a proper effect.

Well, when we sit with our eyes closed, there is often a complaint that the thoughts of the whole world come at the same time. Things of the past or plans for the future, fantasies etc. all thoughts keep buzzing around the brain like flies.

How to get rid of this? It is believed that meditation cannot happen as long as there is thought. Now no one is even ready to believe that thoughtlessness can also happen. What's the harm in trying and seeing. Osho says that meditation is the death of thoughts. You just start meditating and know its major benefits.

If meditation has become a part of your regular practice, it will become your favorite time of day. You get pleasure from it. Then you can increase it from five to ten minutes. The ten-minute meditation first takes the form of a seed in your brain, but after 6 months it begins to take the shape of a tree, and the effects begin to appear.

Top 20 benefits of meditation

  • Where there used to be thousands of thoughts of worry and contemplation, now their number will start decreasing. With meditation, firstly, all kinds of unnecessary mental activity starts stopping.
  • Disease is called physical illness, and grief is all kinds of mental sorrow. Both have their origin in the mind and brain. Meditation heals those parts. Meditation fills the mind and brain with a lot of energy and positivity. The body also gets stable and starts gaining the ability to fight against diseases. The diseases caused by worry and contemplation will be eradicated.
  • Due to the improvement in breathing through meditation, we do not worry excessively in case of any kind of unhappiness. Our emotions are governed by breathing. With proper breathing, emotions are also controlled.
  • Meditate only for 10 minutes daily for three months. There will be changes in your mind, and you will take any problem positively than before. Meditation has the ability to stop all kinds of diseases and end grief in just three months.
  • Who are you ? – the eye? Ear? Nose? Perfect body? Mind or brain? No, we are none of these. Meditation creates a harmonious connection between our mind, body and soul (ourselves). Meditation is necessary if you want to attain yourself.
  • Regular practice of meditation increases spiritual power. Spiritual power gives a feeling of mental peace. With mental peace, the body feels healthy. Our energy is concentrated through meditation. Due to the concentration of energy, there is communication of power in the mind and body and spiritual strength is attained.
  • Meditation increases vision power and develops decision-making ability in a person. Meditation removes all kinds of diseases and sorrows. Through meditation our body, mind, and brain experience complete peace, health, and happiness.
  • With meditation, all kinds of fear will go away. Work and behavior will improve. There will be love instead of tension in relationships. The outlook will be positive.
  • Due to the increase in mental capacity, just by thinking about success, success will start coming closer to you.
  • Meditation helps to see and understand the present. By increasing the ability to see clearly, the conscience will awaken. With the awakening of Vivek, consciousness will increase. Due to the increase of consciousness, there will be a feeling of leaving the body at the time of death. After leaving the body, birth will be in your grasp. This is the importance of meditation.
  • Meditation is the only way to reach yourself. Except meditation, all other measures are just illusion. If you don't meditate, you are missing out on finding yourself. To find the self means to completely remove the clouds of emotion and thought over our senses, and to become pure and pure. Wise people say that in the list of getting everything in life, keep yourself above all. Don't miss yourself 70 years pass like 70 seconds. The goal of yoga is how to break your sleepiness, that's why Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara and Dharana have been made a ladder to reach meditation. It is called Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Due to the environment of noise and pollution, a person unnecessarily experiences stress and mental fatigue. The side effects of stress can be avoided with meditation. Meditating continuously gives the brain more energy. Meditation is more beneficial than even the deepest sleep.
  • Meditation benefits your consciousness. Meditation, increases harmony within you. Whenever you get emotionally unstable and upset, meditation gives you courage and strength while keeping you clean, clear and calm from within. With meditation the worries and problems become smaller.
  • In the beginning, where the mind and brain get rest and new energy from meditation, the body benefits itself from this energy. By meditating, there is communication of life force within each and every cell of the body. With the increase of life force in the body, you feel healthy.
  • High blood pressure is controlled by meditation. Headache goes away. Immunity develops in the body, which is important in fighting any kind of disease. Meditation increases stability in the body. This stability strengthens the body.
  • The person, who starts meditating everyday becomes calm. This peace only gives strength to the mind and body. Meditation removes the cloud of emotion and thought from your consciousness. All the disorders of lust, anger, pride, greed and attachment etc. end with meditation. Siddhis are received after a certain time of meditation thorugh different methods like Mantra Japa. A person should never stop spiritual pursuit until he gets the samadhi state or else he will be entangled into materilistic things.
  • Regular practice is necessary to get the most out of meditation. Meditation does not require much time, only five minutes of meditation can give you immense benefits, provided you do it regularly.
  • Meditation increases memory power. By continuing the practice meditation, the memory power will increase after one month. It will develop wonderful memory power in you after a few months. You wont forget at any age, number, places, people etc under any circumstances.
  • Meditation mainly calms the mind and develops immunity. Due to this, the blood circulation is good and the power of the eyes also increases.
  • There is no other way to attain salvation except meditation.