What are the Benefits of Celibacy ? Spirituality and Kundalini Awakening

Updated On: 1-May-2022
Bramaharya can be split into brahman and charya.
Brahman - supreme creator according to hindu scripture.
Charya - practice
One who follow some procedures which leads to brahman is called a brahachari.
According to ancient texts of Hindus there are 4 stages of life:
  1. Bramacharya
  2. Grahastha
  3. Vanaprasta
  4. Sanyasa

Everyone was required to practice this from the age 14 years to 20 years. A person can be a life long bramachari. There are lots of rules and regulations to follow this.

What is Bramaharya or Celibacy

Swami Vivekananda says that one who observes bramacharya for 12 years continuously will have great intellectual and spiritual power. Desire needs to be controlled for greater success. A bramachari over a period of time can send the sexual energy from base chakra to crown.

To accelerate the process, yoga and Kundalini kriya can be performed. Swami Vivekananda observed life long bramacharya. Swami ji showed some immense powers which normal humans can't do. He read the whole Britannica encyclopedia in few days and astonished one of the librarians.

The librarian says " this is not within normal human power". Vivekananda says - simply by observing bramacharya (celibacy) all learning can be mastered easily. A screen will be removed as if it were in your brain. Swami ji never had to prepare anything for his lectures. All what he needs to just pass as images before his eyes, so next day he just had to put those images into words.

A bramachari should be pure in words, deeds, action and thoughts. If you see western countries, people are more materialistic. It means their happiness is in partying, money, big vehicles. Materialistic and physical attraction will only lead to degradation of the self.

If you see India on the other side, people are more spiritual compared to other western countries. Other countries are now following spiritual gurus from India to some extent. To be a bramachari a person should be spiritually active. Materialistic action will make u fall in the course of time.

Monk Life

If you see a monk life, they are spiritually very active and bramachari for a lifetime. Chasity is considered the highest virtue. Only a chaste person can make the ojas rise from base to brain. This is the reason why monks don't marry. They don't want to clutter their mind with worldly things. In Vedas and scriptures, bramacharya is emphasized a lot.

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"Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose."
- Yoda

Veerya / Semen Retention

Veerya is the vital fluid in our body. You can attain eternal bliss by preserving this. The main aim of celibacy is to control over this vital force (veerya). This can be only done by bramacharya/celibacy. A drop of semen comes out of 40 drops of blood. In Ayurveda, it is said to come out of 8 drops of blood. As more of the semen is lost, more will be the weakness of body and mental health and energy.

It will take at least 6 months to get to normal state after stopping masturbation/no fap.
Food to stop:

  • Spicy food, very sweet, too much sour food, onion, a lot of sugar/salt
  • Avoid underground vegetables
  • Non-Vegetarian food
  • No alcohol, smoking

Bramachaya Rules

  1. Always be in a good company. A man is known by the company he is with. Avoid looking at ladies with a lustful eye.
  2. Always wake up at brahamamuhurth. 1.5hr before sunrise. A person who won't wake up at this time cannot become a bramachari. Drink a liter of water as so as you wake up in the morning, then do some pranayama.
  3. Never to see videos which does not have spirituality.
  4. Use of Amala or Triphla can be helpful to maintain bramacharya. Do not indulge in any dirty talks
  5. Maintain a mother bhava towards all ladies

Harmful effects of semen loss

  1. Face seems dull and pale and non-energetic personality
  2. Always angry for no reason, confused
  3. Back pain, knee pain, black spots near nose
  4. Over heightened emotions, worried,laziness,fear,sucide tendency
  5. Heavy eyes and always sleepy
  6. Unwanted night fall

Bramacharya Benefits

  1. Person's face will be glowy and happy. People will like to talk to that person for no reason.
  2. Will have an attractive personality
  3. Cheeks will have some pink color

Practices for Bramacharya

  1. Practice of yoga postures like siddhasana, sirshasana, Sarvanasana, Mula bandha, Uddiyana bandha. Through yogic techniques, a yogi can transmute semenal energy to Ojas-shakthi.
  2. Japa and bhakthi can destroy impure thoughts.
  3. Practice of ashatang yoga
  4. Practice taking a sativic food.
  5. Have a cold water bath every day. Get up at 4am.

Sri Shankaracharya - 8 Steps to Attain Bramaharya

Sri Shankaracharya
स्त्रीणाम् स्मरणम् दर्शनम् गुण-कर्मानुकीर्तनम् तासु समीचीनत्व-धीः
प्रीतिः मिथः सम्भाषणम्…सह-वासः च संसर्गः (एवम्) अष्टधा मैथुनम् विदुः
एतद्-विलक्षणम् ब्रह्म-चर्यम् चित्त-प्रसादकम् (अस्ति)।
Translation of the above quotes:
  1. Thinking of women
  2. Seeing them
  3. Praising their qualities and deeds
  4. Fancing them as beautiful
  5. Loves them
  6. Talks to them in private
  7. Dwelling together
  8. Close companionship with them

Only by shunning all this that Brahmacharya may be attained. It is only by this means that it is possible to attain serenity of mind.

Vayu Purana I.59.41

Brahmacharya helps by powering the spiritual aspirant with tremendous energy and gigantic will-power.

Vayu Purana I.59.46

Celibacy, Japa, silence and fasting – these are the roots of penance. Penance is hard and very difficult to achieve.

These are some scriptural verses that say Brahmacharya is necessary for spiritual advancement.