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Updated On: 3-Dec-2022

Death is an inevitable part of our Life. The person who is born has to die one day. Before jumping into "Osho quotes on Life and Death", let's see what Sri Krishna has to say about Life and Death.

Shri Krishna says that great sages and sages free themselves from the bondage of actions and fruits of this material world by immersing themselves in devotion to God, O Arjuna. In this way they also get freedom from the bonds of life and death. Such persons go to God and attain that state which is beyond all miseries.

Shri Krishna says that O Arjuna, this soul is immortal, neither fire can burn it, nor water can soak it, nor wind can dry it, nor any weapon can cut it. Can No one can destroy the soul. And the soul can never die.

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Shri Krishna says that O Arjuna, we have not had only this one birth. Rather, thousands of births have happened before us, you and me too, but I have knowledge of all births, and you have knowledge of only one birth. That's why the birth in which a man is born, he remembers that birth. Nothing else is remembered.

In the fourth chapter and sixth verse of the Gita, Shri Krishna says that by controlling this entire nature, I repeatedly create and give birth to all the living beings present here according to their deeds. I only give them a new life. All living beings take birth according to their deeds. This is the truth of life.

Lets checkout the top 15 Quotes of Osho on Life and Death

  • The cause of death is not a disease or an accident but “birth”.
  • Everyone knows how to die, not everyone knows how to live.
  • Only man is born crying, lives complaining and dies disappointed.
  • Man is proud even in death. This is a big surprise.
  • Only when death knocks at your door can you be alert and aware.
  • Falling into the earth, dying in the soil is not the end of life but the beginning. But being locked in a sleeping box is the real end of life. There is no hope of life in him anywhere.
  • Discover yourself, otherwise you have to rely on other people's opinions. who do not even know themselves.
  • Krishna is the only person who is not serious, not sad, not crying even in the ultimate depths and heights of religion.
  • There is only one sin in this world, to take away the freedom of another because to change others is politics and to change oneself is religion.
  • The more educated the personality, the more suspicion will increase. Because questions arise with education. Must rise, otherwise education cannot move forward.
  • Darkness is the absence of light and ego is the absence of awareness.
  • Time is a harsh teacher. He takes the test first, teaches later.
  • Discover yourself, otherwise you have to rely on other people's opinions, who do not even know themselves.
  • He is the one who aspires for respect. who is dishonorable in his own eyes.
  • Even after defeat if you are dancing in joy then the victory is yours.