How to calculate life path number by date of birth Numerology chart

Updated On: 13-Feb-2023

Calculate Life Line Number Numerology: Enter your date of birth

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a science like astrology in which information about a person's future is given with the help of numbers. Its esoteric knowledge is called Ank Shastra in Hindi and Numerology in English. In numerology, especially by using some rules of mathematics, various aspects of a person's life are assessed and predictions are made about their future life.

In numerology, on the basis of the date of birth of the person, its future result is calculated by extracting the radix.

What is Numerology Calculator?

Numerology tells about fate, karma and person by easily giving birth details in numerology calculator. Every person can know about all the unknown things related to their future and life.

What is Numerology & its Indicators?

The ancient science of numerology, focusing on the main characteristics of a person, can tell about auspicious names and numbers for their career and life. This can also help in knowing the failures of their life.

What is Life Path Number ?

In all the indicators of numerology, life path number is a very important number in a numerology chart based on birth details. It brings out the main characteristics and weaknesses of the individual. It can also tell about the obstacles, challenges and events in a person's life. Basically it can act as a life guide to benefit from your qualities.

What is Destiny Number ?

Destiny Number or Bhagyank is calculated using the first and last name of the person. It presents the basic objectives of life and can explain the principles, behavior and objectives of fulfilling these objectives. It can also tell about the obstacles coming in life.

What is Personality Number ?

We can calculate the personality score of a person by using the consonants of their first name. Personality is also known as inner-dream number and it tells how others see your personality. Personality number can bring out inner ambitions and shine in the soul by taking out the misconceptions spread about the person.

Different types of Numerology: Where does Numerology come from?

There is a very old connection between numbers and letters. We have three of the most popular methods of numerology. In each method of numerology, events are interpreted differently. These three methods of numerology are explained below:

The Pythagorean (western) System of Numerology

This method has its origin from the great Greek mathematician Pythagoras. It is calculated using using the life and soul numbers in the chart. And after taking out the sum of the digits, bring it to one digit because the Pythagoras method works only on the basis of one digit.

The Chaldean System in Numerology

The Chaldean system, which has its origins in ancient Babylon, is one of the oldest systems in the world. In this method vibrations of special character Numbers are determined on the basis of numbers but it is not a systematic method similar to the Pythagorean numerology method. In this method, different letters are determined by numbers from one to eight.

Due to the ninth number being considered an auspicious number, the number nine is not given in any character. If the sum of all the numbers determined in this method or this number comes as a result, then the number nine is valid.

What is your Life Path Number? How to calculate Life Path Number

Here we will calculate the life path number according to sample birth of birth.
Example - 12 November 1960
First we will calculate the complete birth details as mentioned below:
Add month day and year, we will reduce it to 1 digit number.
(12-11-1960) = 1+2+1+1+1+9+6 = 21
Add again the result = 2+1=3
Thus based on the above birth details the life path number is 3.

Compatibility between my Destiny Number and Life Path Number

Vedic astrology gives great importance to the relationship between destiny number and life path number. If you choose a name that does not match with the life path, then you should check the contact number that can reduce the distance and establish a more close and valid relationship.

Keep in mind that before using numerology one should have proper birth details and if there is any doubt on the time of birth it should be rectified.