Travel to Shani Signapur in 2024 Full Details | History | Who is Shani Dev ?

Updated On: 1-May-2022

Shani Shingnapur Dham is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state. In this Dham, Shani Dev sits in the form of a rock. This temple is said to be the most unique temple of Shani Dev.

That is because the Shani Shila is not in any grand temple here, but is installed on a marble stone platform under the open sky. As soon as Shani reaches Shinganapur, devotees experience the presence of Shani Dev.

Legend of Shani Shingnapur

Once upon a time, there was torrential rain in Shinganapur village. Due to which the village started drowning. All the villagers went to a high place. Then a person saw that a divine rock is flowing with water. When the flood water receded, the person saw this stone again near a tree.

Seeing the stone, he was tempted to save it and earn a good income. He tries to break the divine stone , as soon as a person strikes this stone, blood starts coming out of the rock. After seeing this, the person gets frightened and reaches his village and tells everyone about this incident.

After this, all the villagers reach the place where the stone was. All the villagers once again ask the person to hit the stone to believe what the person said.

Struck by seeing the blood out, everyone is surprised to see. Now no one was able to understand what to do with this stone, everyone got into thinking. Then everyone decided to Come tomorrow and see what to do with this stone. All the people returned to the village.

The person saw dream on the same night, Shani Dev came on horseback and said that I am Shani Dev. Which stone Today you got it and bring it to your village and install it. So that there will always be happiness in the village.

The next day he tells all the villagers about this dream. The villagers went to that stone again And started trying to lift up, but they were unable to do so. After being engaged for the whole day, everyone returns home exhausted. Shani Dev came in the dream of the same that person at night and went on talking about how to bring Shila to the village.

The next day the person, along with all the villagers, establishes that rock by bringing it to his village under the plan told by Shani Dev. After which all the villagers start to worship that rock together. It is said that since then there has never been any disaster in the village.

Shani Temple

Shanidev of Shinganapur is a wonderful temple in itself. This is the only temple where not a single statue is installed under the open sky. There is no roof in the temple. Shani Dev's rock around 5 Feet are 9 inches long and 1 feet 6 inches wide.

Devotees have to follow the rules to visit this temple. In this temple, men have to wear saffron-colored clothes to offer oil to Shani Dev. Also, there is a tradition of offering oil after bathing in these clothes.

It is believed that by doing this, not only the body of the person, but also the mind becomes pure. So that any wrong thing going on in the person's mind will end.

Specialty of shinganapur

You will be surprised to know that most of the houses in Shinganapur do not have windows, doors and safe. If only doors are installed then only curtains. This is because there is no theft here. It is said that Whoever steals Shani Maharaj gives his punishment to himself. Lord Shani is pleased with the villagers.

Glory of Shani Dev

Generally, we have many beliefs about Shanidev. As such Shani Dev is the most annoying God. But it's not like that. If Lord Shani is worshiped properly So no god is better than Shanidev. All the doors of success open for the person who is blessed by Shani.

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How to reach Shani Shingnapur

There are mainly two ways you can reach Shani Shingnapur easily.


To get to Shani Dham you have to get down at Nashik railway station.Shani Shingnapur can be reached by taking a 150 km road journey from here.Apart from this, by reaching Shirdi by rail route, you can reach Shani Dham by traveling 77 km.


Shani Shingnapur is connected to Highway 60. Which is called Poona-Ahmednagar-Aurangabad highway. Here you can reach from anywhere.