Shri Krishna Top 10 amazing management life lessons from Bhagavad gita

Updated On: 10-Jan-2023

One should learn from Shri Krishna to live life in a better way. Shri Krishna says that being an ordinary human being is a very extraordinary act. You have to manage your actions in such a way that life becomes beautiful. So let's know 10 management tips of Shri Krishna.

1. Manager or boss: Lord Krishna made many people work, but not as a manager or boss. Everyone used to obey Lord Krishna because he was not the boss of anyone, nor was he a dictator. When he was the king in Dwarka, he never behaved like a king. He was the friend, advisor, and ally of the people. He never misused his power. Pandavas won only because of team work.

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2. Broad Thinking: Life is like flowing water. Every moment knowledge is changing, people are changing their thinking too. Shri Krishna says - "Whatever you do, keep your vision bigger". First think and understand well, then do any work or behavior. Get into the habit of looking and thinking far ahead. Broad thinking also means that keeping revolutionary thoughts, do not follow any fixed rut. Experiment according to the situation, take risks, change your role and be ready to be the charioteer as well.

3. Do selfless work: Shri Krishna says that it is in our hands to do work, but what will be the result of it is not in our hands. If you don't do 100% work, then don't expect 100% result. The person who works thinking that I have to give my full 100% can also get the desired result. There is no such action which does not get its result. Not doing work worrying about the result is inaction, so reduce your desire. Selfless action is the best way to perform one's duty.

4. Live with Dharma: No matter how many difficulties come in life, but do not leave the side of religion. Because it is possible that by living with unrighteousness, you can get immediate benefits, but at any point of life you will have to pay for it. Because Shri Krishna says in the Gita - O Arjun, there are deities in the sky as well as demons who see you. But you see yourself and understand. Be pious before yourself. If you protect Dharma, Dharma will protect you.

5. Motivate yourself too: By adopting a positive attitude, Lord Krishna keeps on motivating all the people around him and himself also gets inspired by it. He explains to people as a friend, gives knowledge, and also scolds when needed as a brother or father. There were many such occasions when he explained and scolded Arjun, Draupadi and Duryodhan. But he never let anyone's moral fall. He maintained equal treatment even with his enemies.

6. Mental Control: It is also very important to understand when, where to say what and where not to say. This is called voice control. Similarly, one has to learn to control doubt, doubt, disbelief, despair, anger, greed, fear and dilemma. Mental health is essential for efficient management. In the Gita, Shri Krishna has always preached to avoid all such bad qualities. Be one in mind, word and deed. The person who sticks to his words, victory never leaves him. He is flourished in everything he does.

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7. Honor and Respect: Lord Krishna was powerful in every way, but he never displayed his power. Along with his teacher, parents and elder brother, he used to respect and touch the feet of men older than him. Those who respect their parents and teachers, they become worthy of praise. That's why one should always be ahead in respecting and honoring the elders.

8. The time of crisis is the time to prove yourself: It is only in times of crisis that you have to prove that you are capable. Whether the crisis has come on yourself, on a friend or on your organization, you have to face it firmly at that time itself. By running away in times of crisis, religion is also abandoned.

9. Master Strategy: If the Pandavas did not have the master strategy of Lord Krishna, then it was difficult for the Pandavas to win the war. Therefore, before doing any work, it's mandatory to form a complete plan for it. It is also important to keep updating the plans. Without plans, not only work, life also proves unsuccessful.

10. Whatever may be the path, if the aim is right: It is said that it is not easy to get everything through the straight path. In such a situation, religion says that if the purpose is right, even a crooked path can be adopted. Especially when the upper hand of unrighteousness is heavy in front of you, then adopt the path of diplomacy.