Life path number 1 Prediction 2024 Numerology Meaning and Calculator

Updated On: 17-Feb-2023

Number 1 is also known as Ruling number, root number, fate number or radix number.

Master: Sun

In numerology, on the basis of the date of birth of the person, its future result is calculated by extracting the life path number. If you dont know your life path number then you can easily use this calculator.

Personality of Ruling number 1 | Life path number 1 Personality

These people also have some qualities or characteristics, which make them the masters of an effective personality.

  1. Freedom lover
  2. Ambitious
  3. Always active
  4. Leading
  5. Innovator
  6. Self-centered
  7. Feel free
  8. Careless
  9. Inspiring
  10. Promiscuity lover

Individual Characteristics of Ruling number 1

The ruling planet of life path number 1 is the Sun. Such a person automatically understands everything, makes new inventions in his field of work and has a tough nature.

People with life path number 1 have amazing leadership abilities. They are expert in doing any work. Such people are full of energy, and do not feel tired easily. As a result, they earn respect, fame, fame very quickly.

Individuals affected by number one are ambitious and do not like to be controlled by anyone. Whichever field he enters, he wants to be a director or president. Stubbornness and self-respect can be clearly seen in their nature.

The effect of sun on persons with one number is even greater if it is born in the middle of the day. Because in this period, the Sun is situated in its exalted sign 'Aries'.

Education & Profession

Number 1 people understand the importance of education, if they have to go abroad to get higher education, they also go abroad. He has a keen interest in research work. Such people are ambitious, they want to come first in every field.

A person with life path number 1 has amazing leadership potential. Due to which such people have been seen achieving more success in politics and administration sector (IPS, PCS etc.). Apart from this, doctor, chemist, cinema, magazine, manager, printing etc. are their main fields of interest.

Friends & Family Life

Life path number 1 people are soft from inside, despite looking tough from outside. He is very attached to his family members. He plays the role of head in his house. Their advice is definitely taken in the decision of any domestic matter. Brothers try to help in every possible way in the problems of brothers.

Some of their relatives are also such that they want to harm them, yet they keep doing good to them. Most of the friends are of number 2, 3, 9, however, they get along well with people of number 1, 6, 7.

Love and marriage Life

Marital life of life path number 1 people is generally happy. Such people are loyal to love. But such people have rarely been seen expressing love. Due to which many times the person in front also misunderstands them. They start feeling that he doesn't love me at all. Ideological differences with children have also been seen due to this reason.

Economic Status of Life Path number 1 or Moolank 1

The economic condition of the native with life path number is ​​generally good. There is no shortage of money for them. Even if there is a shortage of money, then due to his reputation and image, many people would help him with money.

Such people use nice clothes, expensive cars etc. to make themselves look better and bigger than others. They do not hesitate to spend money on luxury.

Health and Diseases

Generally people with life path number 1 remain healthy. Since life path number 1 is related to the planet Sun, the person should be careful about diseases like eye disease, blood pressure, heart attack. Exercise regularly and follow a routine. Consumption of more oil spices should also be avoided.

Favourable Month, Day and Date

If you start a new work on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month and between 21st March to 19th April then the chances of success will be more.

Sunday and Monday are the most fortunate days for you, this time is suitable for any auspicious or new work.

  • Lucky Month: March 21 to April 19
  • Day: monday sunday
  • Auspicious dates: 1, 2, 3 and 9 life path number dates.

Remedial steps for Ruling Number 1

  • Worship the Sun, recite Aditya Hridyastrot. There will be economic prosperity and respect and fame.
  • Establish Surya Yantra and offer water to the Sun God.
  • Don't consume salt on Sunday's.
  • Avoid unnecessary appearances.
  • Avoid backbiting, gambling, betting etc.