Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle Stories of Devotees That Will Make You Think

Updated On: 18-Jan-2023

Does Sai baba do miracles ?

There are 1000s of people who have seen the miracles and some consider him as god too.Although there are hundreds of miracles of Sai Baba of Shirdi, but here we are telling only 10 miracles. Sai babas life is full of miracles, and it's known to common people around there. Sai Baba is an Avatar Purusha (Reincarnated Soul).

1) Lighting a lamp flame with water miracle

Sai Baba used to light a lamp every day in the Masjid. For this he used to go to ask the merchant for oil. But one day the merchant lied to Baba that 'Baba, we do not have oil'. Then Baba quietly went away from there and went to the Masjid and put water instead of oil in the lamp and the lamp lit up, and the word spread everywhere. Then the merchant of that place came in front of him and apologized to him, then Baba forgave him and told him 'never lie again'.

2) Removed pain and sorrow of the devotees

It is said that people's sorrows and pains were removed by the Ash(Bhasam) of Saibaba's Dhuni( a continuously burning flame). Even before taking samadhi, Baba used to remove sorrows by giving gold and silver coins to his devotees by putting his hand in his bag.

3) Stopping rain on command

Once a devotee of Baba came from far away with his wife to see Baba and when he started going, it started raining heavily. Then his devotee started getting upset, then Baba seeing his trouble said, O Allah! Stop the rain, my kids have to go home, and immediately the rain stopped.

4) Sai baba sister floating inside well

Once a daughter of a villager suddenly fell into the well while playing. People thought she was drowning. Everyone ran there and saw that she was hanging in the air and some invisible force was holding her. He was none other than Baba, because that child used to say that I am Baba's sister. Now the people did not need any further explanation.

5) Predicting the death of Mhalsapati's son

When Mhalsapati had a son, he brought him to Baba and asked him to name him. Seeing that son, Baba told Mhalsapati not to have too much attachment with him. Just take care of it for 25 years, that's all. Mhalsapati understood this when his son died at the age of 25. Bhagat Mhalsapati died in 1922.

6) Saibaba declared dead by doctors, woke up after 3 days

One day before leaving his body for 3 days, Baba told Mhalsapati that if I do not return in 3 days, then bury my body at a certain place. You have to protect my body for 3 days. Slowly, Baba's breathing stopped and the movement of the body also stopped. The news spread among all the people that Baba had passed away. The doctor also examined and accepted that Baba had become calm.

But Mhalsapati advised everyone to stay away from Baba. He said that it is my responsibility to protect his body for 3 days. There was a dispute about this in the village, but Mhalsapati kept Baba's head in his lap and kept it awake for 3 days. No one was allowed to even touch Baba's holy body. After 3 days, when Baba assumed his body again, it was like a miracle. There was joy all around.

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"If someone criticizes you no matter how much, still you should not get angry on him by giving a bitter answer. If you keep avoiding these incidents in this way, then it is certain that you will always be happy."
- Sai Baba

7) Curing the leprosy patient 'Bhagoji shinde'

When Baba's hand was burnt, it was "Bhagoji Shinde" who used to apply ghee and bandage on his hand. Bhagoji Shinde was a leprosy patient. "Chandorkarji" had brought a doctor from Bombay, but Baba refused, and he was cured only by applying ghee on Bhagoji Shind's hands. The villager and doctors were surprised seeing this miracle. The news spread all over and people worshiped him as god.

8) Bhausaheb dhumal won the court case

Dhumal was going to the court of Niphad (Town in Delhi) in connection with a case. On the way, they landed at Shirdi. He saw Baba and immediately started leaving for Niphad, but did not get Baba's approval. They kept him in Shirdi for one more week. In the meanwhile, the judge of Niphad suffered from pain in his abdomen. For this reason, his trial was extended to some next day. Bhausaheb was allowed to return after a week. The case was heard for several months and before 4 judges. As a result, Dhumal succeeded in the trial and his client was acquitted in the case.

9) Doctor seeing Saibaba and Shriram as one

A doctor came to Shirdi with his devout friend. He told the friend that you only go for darshan, I will not go, because I do not bow down to anyone except Shriram. Especially in front of a youth and that too certainly not in a mosque. Told the friend that no one will force you to bow or bow there. So come with me, there will be joy. He reached Shirdi and went to see Baba. But everyone was surprised to see the doctor going ahead of all and worshiping Baba's first feet.

People asked the doctor what happened? The doctor told that instead of Baba, he had darshan of his beloved presiding deity Shri Ram, and therefore he did Namaskar. While he was saying this, he again saw the form of Saibaba. Seeing this, he was surprised and said, 'Is this a dream? How can they be young? Hey! Hey! He is a complete yoga-avatar. Later that doctor stayed there and experienced the ultimate feeling.

10) Predicted future of Kaka Mahajani

Kaka Mahajani, a resident of Mumbai, had an idea to stay in Shirdi for a week. After having darshan on the first day, Baba asked him, 'When will you go back?' He was surprised at this question of Baba. Then he said, 'When you allow.' Baba said, 'Leave tomorrow.' Hearing this, Kaka Mahajani immediately left from Shirdi. When he reached his office in Mumbai, he found his Seth waiting anxiously, as Kaka's presence was necessitated by the accountant's sudden illness.