Top 12 Unsolved kailash parvat mystery mountain secrets -कैलाश पर्वत

Updated On: 17-Jun-2023

The first picture of Mahadev comes when the term Mount Kailash is mentioned. Mount Kailash, Mahadev's dwelling, is the most sacred and mystical mountain in the world, standing at an elevation of 6656 metres. Before we delve into the mysteries, let's learn a little about Mount Kailash (Kangrinboqe Peak).

It is the highest point in the Kailash range, which spans Tibet, Nepal, and India. It is also a component of the Trans-Himalaya in China's Tibetan Autonomous Region. This sacred mountain is located near the confluence of Asia's four longest rivers, the Indus, the Sutlej, the Brahmaputra, and the Karnali. The surrounding region is surrounded by mountains, creating a beautiful natural scene.

Himalaya Kailash parvath Mystery

Many different religious beliefs are also associated with Mount Kailash. There is a religious place for Buddhism, religion, Hinduism, Jainism and the people of Bon (followers of the pre-Buddhist, shamanistic religion Bon of Tibet) have different beliefs attached to it.

Hindus believe that Lord Shiva resides on it along with Mother Parvati. While Tibetan Buddhists believe Mount Kailash to be the abode of Demthog and his wife, Dorje Phagmo, and Jains believe Kailash to be the place where their first Tirthankara Lord Rishabhdev had attained Nirvana (liberation).

But the Bon believe that this sacred mountain is the seat of Sipaimen, a sky goddess, as well as the center of the world and the home of all the gods. Everyone has a different perspective about who resides in Kailash which is what makes this holy mountain mysterious.

Apart from religious sentiments, many unsolved mysteries are also associated with Mount Kailash, which no one has been able to solve till date. Such incidents and activities have been seen around this mountain which are impossible to understand by a common man.

10 amazing secrets of Mount Kailash (Kangrinboqe Peak)

Today we will tell you about 12 amazing secrets of Mount Kailash, which you may not know yet. So let's start.

1. Impossible to reach the summit

Mount Kailash is the only mountain in the world whose peak no one has been able to climb till date. The height of Kailash is 6,656 meters above sea level. It is much less than Mount Everest. Still many people have conquered Everest but no one has been able to climb Mount Kailash so far. According to a scientific estimate, the main reason for this is that this mountain keeps changing its position.

Many climbers from many countries had tried many times to climb Mount Kailash, but every time they faced failure. When those climbers were discussed, unbelievable facts came to the fore, someone said that as soon as we climbed the mountain, the weather suddenly started changing and it started raining heavily, which made it impossible to climb, then someone said that we were going in the right direction and suddenly the direction got confused.

People believe that there is a divine energy on Mount Kailash which does not allow anyone to climb this mountain because this mountain is the abode of Lord Bholenath. Now it is forbidden to climb this mountain, no one is allowed.

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2. Tibetan Buddhist Yogi Milarepa

According to a popular legend, Milarepa, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, completed his ascent to Mount Kailash in the 11th century. He had found the peak of this mountain in his passion to complete his spiritual practice. But it has been considered as a story because there is no evidence related to it, nor was Milarepa himself ever confirmed this.

3. Time moves fast here

The most fascinating aspect of Mount Kailash (Kangrinboqe Peak) is how quickly time passes here. Numerous visitors have remarked that time seems to flow faster around Mount Kailash, which is not witnessed anyplace else in the world.

Virtually everyone who comes here has noticed that their hair and nails are growing at an alarming rate. Numerous hikers have stated that when ascending here, their nails and hair grow extremely quickly within 12 hours. But, in a typical environment, hair and nails develop in roughly two weeks.

Not only the common man, scientists have also seen this themselves, on this basis, scientists have confirmed that here the speed of time becomes very fast, although they have not been able to understand the reason behind it yet.

4. The sound of "Damru" and "Om" of Lord Shiva

There is a belief of Mount Kailash that sound always emanates from Mount Kailash. As soon as you come to this mountainous area, you will hear a sound, people say that this sound is of Lord Shiva's Damru and Om. But scientists say that the sound of melting and breaking of ice on Mount Kailash is felt as if the sound of Lord Shiva's Damru and Om is being heard.

But till now scientists have not been able to find out completely that what exactly this sound is of. But the mountaineers coming here say that if the sound is heard carefully, then the sound of Damru and Om is really heard. Now whether you consider it a coincidence or the secret of Lord Shiva's power. This is your wish.

5. Mystery of the man-made pyramid.

The form of Mount Kailash is the greatest enigma. It is a man-made pyramid, not a mountain, according to Russian specialists. "Mount Kailash might be the world's largest and oldest man-made pyramid," he claims. It is linked to the Pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan by a total of 100 lesser pyramids. They have also claimed that a hidden planet exists within Mount Kailash.

According to them, people of an ancient civilization live here who control the entire mountain and also keep themselves protected. Here many people have also talked about seeing yeti i.e. snow man, which means there is definitely someone here. All these things make this place even more mysterious. Now the question is whether it is a natural structure or a man-made structure.

6. Compass does not work.

The shape of Mount Kailash is like the four trough points of the compass, that is, the four faces of the mountain are towards the four directions of the compass. But the interesting thing is that its shape is like a compass, but here the compass does not work properly. Actually this is the center called Axis Mundi (Cosmic Axis).

Axis Mundi means the celestial pole of the world and the center of the Geographical pole. It is a connection point between the sky and the earth where the ten directions meet and the waves of both the poles (North and South Pole) converge. In such a situation, compass does not work here.

According to experts, Axis Mundi is also a location where supernatural powers circulate and may be contacted. It is the point of contact between the material and spiritual worlds.

7. The mysterious shape of the lakes of Mount Kailash.

On Mount Kailash, there are two lakes. The first is Lake Manasarovar, the world's biggest freshwater lake at the greatest altitude. The name Manasarovar is derived from Sanskrit and consists of two words: Mana, which means "person," and Sarovar, which means "lake."

This lake covers an area of 320 square kilometres. Lake Manasarovar is famed for its breathtaking beauty and the colour of its water, which varies from blue along the shore to emerald green in the centre.

Along with this, there is another lake, which is called Rakshas Lake or Rakshas Taal, which is the largest salt water lake located at the highest altitude in the world. This lake is spread over 225 square kilometers and its shape is like a crescent. It is said about Rakshas Lake that Ravana had done severe penance to Lord Shiva by sitting near this lake, that is why it is named Rakshas Lake.

Despite both the lakes being so close to each other, there is so much difference in their qualities that it is astonishing. Both these lakes exhibit solar and lunar forces which are related to positive and negative energies. That is, Mansarovar is considered positive while Rakshas Tal is considered a symbol of negative energy and Mount Kailash stands as a balance between the two.

Also, the shape of these lakes is so strange that it is not understood whether their shape was naturally like this or they were constructed in this way. It's still a mystery.

8. The secret of Swastik and Om Parvat

Swastik is visible on Mount Kailash when viewed from the south. This happens when the sun is setting, it is said that during sunset, the sun casts a shadow that looks like a swastika on the mountain. The one who thinks that there is a swastika written on the mountain. This swastika is a religious symbol, considered an auspicious sign by Hindus.

Also, the snow accumulated on the top of the mountain also exhibits supernatural power because when snow falls on the peak, it takes the shape of Om (Om). Seeing which it seems as if Om is written on the mountain.

9. Center of the Earth.

Several scientific studies have led us to the conclusion that Mount Kailash is the earth's core. The North Pole is on one side of the globe, while the South Pole is on the other. Between the two lies the Himalaya, which is centred on Mount Kailash. As a result, scientists believe that this mountain is the core of the Earth.

10. The Link Between Earth and Heaven

Followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism believe Mount Kailash can be a gateway to heaven. It could be the link between earth and the heaven. According to the Vedas also, this mountain has been called the path to heaven. If we consider the story of Mahabharata, it is believed that Pandavas and Draupadi attained salvation while climbing this mountain.

11. Shining Light on the Mountain

Light is claimed to have been seen several times in the sky over Mount Kailash. According to travelers, this mountain emits seven different hues of light (light). NASA has also admitted this. NASA experts believe it is owing to the magnetic force present. The magnetic strength here meets the sky and occasionally generates phenomena we can't even conceive.

12. Origin of the four holy rivers

The shape of Mount Kailash is four-faced. Four great rivers rise from its four directions, namely the Brahmaputra, the Saltaj, the Indus and the Karnali. It is said that the mouths of various creatures are established in all four directions of this mountain from which these rivers emerge.

In the east is Ashwamukh (Horse's face), in the west is Gajmukh (Elephant's face), in the north is Simhamukh (Lion's face), in the south is Mayur Mukh (Peacock's face).